Sunday, February 6, 2011

Enduring The Climb

As many of us can attest, our journey to equality seems like a never ending, uphill climb. We see glimpses of light at the end of this dark tunnel, only to have it extinquished by yet another crushing blow of injustice. We begin to feel demoralized and helpless. This is exactly why we seek others who can understand and relate to our struggle. This is why the GLOBE network has come to be. We gather here in this place called "the cyber world" hoping to find a kind ear, and gentle voice...someone who cares, someone who knows our "pain". Welcome brothers and sisters of binational love! If only the rest of the world could recognize how beautiful and rare it is to find that special someone, that kindred spirit, that kind heart, that warm embrace, that person who is your "perfect" mate....then perhaps they would understand that from wherever we has no relevance to our love!!! Our's is a "LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS" We must take every moment we can to love each other and seek each other out. We are our own special kind of a family, and as the saying goes "family must stick together". In numbers, we have strength and we will continue to climb this mountain of dispair and reach the summit of pure bliss!

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